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Inveray Academy

In response to the constantly growing demand for cosmetic manicure and pedicure services related to the use of light-cured products, the Inveray Academy was established, which educates stylists and instructors for the profession in a modern and innovative way. Participation in the Inveray Academy allows you to acquire knowledge that has been prepared by qualified training staff with many years of experience in the beauty industry. Inveray focuses on professionalism, so by participating in the Inveray Academy, you can become one of the most qualified stylists in the world. who knows how to take care of their safety and health, as well as their clients.

At Inveray Academy, one of the key issues is raising awareness that health and choosing the right products are paramount.

INVERAY Master Educator
Karolina Abu Salah

My name is Karolina and I’m an international trainer from Poland. My journey in nail industry started 6 years ago and since then nails became my biggest passion! I always value education that’s why Im here to share with you all my knowledge and expierence. I will teach you how to do care manicure, perfect extension and most trending nail art

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